"Deeptech entrepreneurship is of vital importance in the economies which hope for transformation"
Anton Gopka
Founder and CEO at GATELEAD
GATELEAD is a project-oriented and data-driven eLearning platform for massively scalable, seed-stage, science- and technology-based companies.
Transforming Deeptech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Education

We Are Bringing Major Transformation Into The Deeptech Entrepreneurship Learning

The first project-based LMS solution
GATELEAD integrates LMS with project collaboration experience focused on tech entrepreneurship. We aim to address the problem of many deeptech companies being underserved and underfunded, leaving many breakthrough inventions stuck inside the lab.
A bridge between professors' rewards and alumni startup success
Interests of professors and students need to be aligned and focused on the capitalization of students' ventures. This will attract more practitioners to invest their time and effort into tech entrepreneurship education.
Real personalization for high-performance students
Our courses are customized to accommodate industry, technology, role specifics, members' background, and various learning techniques based on the particular project team needs to provide a personalized path for students and their projects.
We Are Building the Global Digital Hub for Deeptech Entrepreneurship and Leadership Education
We reimagine the process of digital learning with AI and blockchain technologies, increasing the probability of our students’ success
  • Dive into the new industry
    Get insights about the latest market and innovation trends and acquire the core skills to start and grow your own deeptech venture on our GATE programs.
  • Become a PRO
    Join our professional programs, such as GIPS (Global IP strategy), PRIM (PR and Innovation Marketing), CFVC (Corporate Finance and Venture Capital), to nurture new skills.
  • Embrace straightforward framework
    8 lectures, 8 practical lessons, and 3 individual consultations per module. It’s really that easy.
  • Learn differently
    Combine independent work, group dynamics, networking sessions, and top-notch mentoring with world-class experts to bring learning to the next level.
  • Take control of the experience
    Using Skills Matrix, save money while gaining the maximum value from learning what is really important for you and your business.
  • Connect
    Become part of an international network of fellow entrepreneurs, corporates, mentors, and investors with whom you can discuss partnership opportunities.
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